What are your store hours?

-Our studio is by appointment only. Please Contact us for an initial consultation to determine if we are a good fit. 

What if I don't live in Seattle and/or can't make it into your shop?

-We can just as easily work with you on your custom design via phone, FaceTime and email. 

Do you do repair or sell watches?


Will you set my stone in a new custom piece of jewelry?

-In most cases, yes! If there is significant risk of chipping or breakage involved in the setting process, we may have you assume the liability. Most gemstones, especially diamonds, are not easily broken during setting.

How long does the custom process take?

-On average, projects take anywhere from 3-8 weeks- but the length depends on the project. Something simple, like a couple embellishments on a plain band, could be finished in as little as two weeks. On the other hand, a project with a special gemstone request could take longer than 8 weeks. If you must have your jewelry by a specific date, let us know at the beginning of the process and we will work with you to make it happen. 

How can I visualize the finished piece?

-This is one of the biggest concerns that first-time clients have about the custom process. And we completely understand. After all, this is very different than walking into a showroom and choosing an existing finished piece. That's why we work with you every step of the way to help you visualize the final product. Our sketches are to scale so that you can try on a paper model before we move on to the computer aided design model. And then you'll try on a 3D wax replica before we cast the piece in metal. The custom process isn't for everyone, though, and that's okay. If you are still having difficulty several steps into the process, we might recommend a finished goods jewelry store. 

This is a surprise, and I am worried the recipient of my gift won't like the finished jewelry. What are my options?

-We pride ourselves on great detective work, and with your help, we are able to gather really good information about the recipient's style. We have looked through Pinterest boards, scoured old photos, checked Instagram, and more. If you are still concerned, we can talk about ways to surprise them half way through the process and bring them in to finish the details. Either way, they will be thrilled!

What if I don't like the finished piece?

-We want you to love your jewelry. Please let us know within 14 days after pick up or shipping so we can discuss changes. If you are surprising someone with a gift, please advise us before the project, as these terms may not apply. We are happy to discuss these details during the design process.  

What metals do you use?

-We work in a variety of 14k, 18k, 22k, gold colors as well as platinum, and we love helping you match the color of metal that best suits your design and skin tone. We do not work in 10k gold and limit our work in sterling silver. 

I have a pile of old jewelry sitting in my jewelry box at home. Is there anything you can do with this?

-Yes! What is better for the environment and sentimentality than reusing old materials? It is a lot of fun to help clients determine what pieces have value, which diamonds and gemstones are worth saving, and how we can turn a "jewelry junk pile" into beautiful custom jewelry that you can cherish and wear for many years to come.