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Adrienne's Background

Adrienne has a BFA in Sculpture and Dance from Colorado State University, graduating in 2006. Since then, she has worked as a choreographer, aerialist and dancer for multiple productions. Adrienne has sat on the board for the Women's Jewelry Association as treasurer for the Seattle chapter as well as a mentor at the national level. She has worked as a designer and jeweler for almost 20 years, owning her own company, Everling Jewelry, for the last 10.  
During the pandemic, as the world and social engagements came to a screeching halt, Adrienne rediscovered her love for sculpting, materials-exploration, drawing, painting, and weaving. Over the years, her work as a designer and business owner had actually pulled her further away from her love of working with her hands. She spent so much time working on digital sketches and CAD modeling that she had forgotten what it was like to construct the pieces by hand.

Time Well Spent, Working with One's Hands

While the art world is constantly evolving with new technologies and techniques, there is something timeless about the practice of working with one's hands. The act of shaping and molding materials is a deeply satisfying and meditative process. It allows the artist to tap into their creativity in a way that is both physical and spiritual. This site, and the art you see here, are the culmination of Adrienne's many years of experience working in various materials, a love for texture and color, and a devotion to artistic exploration. 

*Publications that Adrienne Krieger Key has been featured in include: Sunset Magazine, Seattle Met MagazineShowcase 500 Rings, Seattle Bride, 100 Layer Cake, and more. 


    • Color, the warmer the better.
    • Textures, all of them.
    • Figuring out the perfect way to find that essential line in minimalism.
    • Moving and dancing through a large space.
    • Nature, you know... the air, water, dirt. The growing and the dying. The wind. And the beautiful minerals, metals, and gems.
    • Singing random lyrics to existing melodies.
    • That special point where chaos meets with a breath.