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Colorful Wall Art With a Twist

Ditch your notions about stuffy decor for your walls! Outside the Box is part of a zany weaving series meant to inspire you to stop coloring inside the lines, or maybe not on the page at all. If art can truly transform a room, then why not let that statement jump right off the canvas? Let's dive into the world of weaving and thinking outside the box, enjoying art that is a little crazy, sporadic, and all around fun.

Getting crazy with coated wire

Traditionally, weaving is a highly structured craft, think Persian rugs, textiles, baskets and so on. And while I have a strong foundation in weaving natural fibers with rigid heddle looms and tapestry looms, I always love seeing what alternative materials will do in a traditional setting. And what better material that the vibrant colors of coated wire. 


Any start to a weaving begins with the anchoring threads, called the warp. I attached these in with brass to hold everything in place before beginning the weaving. Then, using the long wires, it was a basic weave of over, under. These wires criss-crossing the warp are called the weft and they are what make the "fabric" in a weaving. 

Anchoring the wire cords on nails to begin the weaving process

Thinking Outside the Box with Weaving

Usually the long weft threads, or in this case, wire, cross back and forth, forming a tidy edge. With the wire's ability to hold its form, I decided to leave each strand exposed instead of tucking it back and forth into the weave. At the end, there was not only texture and depth to the weaving, but an exciting burst of color!

While I have been weaving for years, this felt like such an inspired moment of color, of shape, and frenzy. It was more than I could have hoped for, and I have been in love ever since. To see some of the works that are a part of this exploration, check out my Portfolio. 

18x12 inch original abstract artwork with bright color woven coated wire on white wood base

Embracing the Crazy and Sporadic

Don't be afraid to embrace the crazy and sporadic when it comes to wall art. Mixing and matching different elements, colors, and textures can create an exciting focal point in a space that is visually stimulating and reflects your personality.

Changing up the Scale

While this work isn't very big, the concept can be scaled quite a bit. Please Contact me if you are considering how to achieve this look for a larger space. Why settle for something flat and two dimensional when I can help you add in color, texture and a whole lot of fun to your walls? I offer a unique perspective for helping you to visualize how these concepts will look in your space, and I looking forward to working together.