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A Sculptural Painting

Three-dimensional wall art is a fascinating form of artistic expression that brings colorful textures to life in a unique way. As a multi-media artist, I love creating pieces that engage the senses and make the viewer want to touch and feel the work. This work is currently showing online at

Inspiration For My Latest Creation

My most recent wall creation, Above And So Below, is a dimensional work that pulls the viewer in and around the piece. When creating this type of dimensional wall art, I get to use unique set of skills and techniques in sculpting, modeling, and constructing methods to build up the layers and shapes. I carefully consider the use of color to add to the forms and bring these creations to life. Whether working with clay, metal, wood, or other materials, I love building up the layers until there is a topographical feel to the work. In this case, a wandering between two different worlds stitched together. 


Why Choose Dimensional Art For Your Walls?

Three-dimensional art offers artists the opportunity to explore depth, space, and form in ways that two-dimensional art cannot. By incorporating color, texture, and dimension, artists can create dynamic and interactive pieces that engage viewers on a tactile level. This form of art allows for endless creativity and experimentation with materials, making it a fun choice for those looking to push the boundaries of traditional art forms in their collection. 

If you would like to see this work in person, you can Contact me to set up a time to see it in the studio. Purchasing this work can be done online or in person. Please note that shipping is not an option for this specific work of art.