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New Work In Progress: A Fissure Of Sorts

Most of my work takes months to create. I usually start in the summer months by prepping my canvas boards with their large detailed elements and getting the coated and textured. This way, as it gets colder outside, they can come inside where I can paint them and then start adding in all the detail work. 

Here is the process of this work up to this point. As of the writing of this, I am well over 50 hours in and have made at least 2000 parts for this work. I never quite know when a piece of art will be finished and I don't have an end goal, only a sense of completion, but if I had to guess, this work is at it's halfway point. At least I have 4 more months of cold and rain to finish it up. 

That said, this is not the only piece I am working on right now. I have this one getting the detail work in my studio, one that is getting smoothed and painted in my home office, and wood carvings in my she-shed (luckily there is a space heater in there, and I now own a Carhart coat. Yay!) 

Without further delay, here is the video of my progress so far on a work that feels like a fissure and the beauty and strangeness that can grow out of a break or crack.