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Behind the Scenes | Memory of a feeling

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when an artist is at work creating in their creation? In the world of mixed media art, the process is a fascinating journey that involves multiple techniques and materials to bring a vision to life.

Exploring Multiple Art Processes

One of the most exciting aspects of creating mixed media art is the freedom to experiment with multiple processes. By layering different materials, textures, and colors, I get to add depth and dimension to the work. Whether it's incorporating found objects, using unconventional tools, or exploring new techniques, the possibilities are endless.

What is Mixed Media Art?

Mixed media art is a form of art that combines different materials and techniques to create a unique piece. This can include anything from painting and drawing to collage, sculpture, metal smithing, and fiber. By blending various elements together, I can express my creativity in new and innovative ways.

9 bright mixed media artworks arranged in a square

Artist at Work

When you see a finished piece of mixed media art, it's easy to overlook the hours of work that went into creating it. From sketching out initial ideas to selecting the right materials and techniques, every step in the process is crucial to the final outcome. I hope my dedication to allowing the process to unfold and my attention to detail shine through in all the finished pieces.

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