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Bits and Bits, Attached to More Bits

I love working with repetition in a medium that I am sculpting or building in. There is nothing like doing the same thing over and over to really makes your hands and brain and body fully understand and appreciate a material.

Using Polymer Clay and Metal for Colorful and Playful Shapes

One of the things I love about polymer clay is the low barrier to working with it. I don't have fire it or glaze it. I know it is strong and is going to hold up and last. Part of that ease adds to the playfulness of the material. I can try out different shapes, experiment with forms, and ultimately let my hands take over and guide the process. Between my working in metal and adding it to the clay forms I am building, there are some really fun ideas that I get to try out and add into my murals. 


Colorful detail photo of a large 12x8 foot indoor sculpted abstract mural with organic shapes

Joy in Color

When I started working in polymer clay, I was almost embarrassed by how happy it made me. The combo of the bright acrylic paint I am using along with the polymer colors that I can blend, The color, quite literally, jumps off the wall. Like a moth to a flame, you really can ignore the pull toward the art and happiness it creates.

Colorful detail photo of a large 12x8 foot indoor sculpted abstract mural

Creating Texture with Multiple Forms

I love making a small object, and another, over and over until their numbers begin to create mass and form. I can basically sit for hours making the same shape again and again, And when I add these to the murals and sculptural wall art that I am creating, they create mass, texture, color, and basically, pure glee. 

Detail of a colorful wall sculpture with melted organic brass shaped clustered together