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Capturing the Movement of Water

When it comes to creating wall sculptures inspired by water, I often focus on capturing the movement of this natural element and how it cuts through the objects in its way.

The Flow of Water

By incorporating the carved lines along with the bright colors, this piece evokes a sense of energy and vitality. The organic shapes and patterns mimic the ripples and of flowing water and the way shimmering light can change from moment to moment.

The Beauty of Bright Colors

Bright colors play a crucial role in this hand carved wall art, adding depth and vibrancy.  By using a palette of rich hues, it begs the question, is this a wood sculpture or a painting? These bold colors not only add a bit of fun, but they also make an interesting way to see the depth of the carving.

What is Hand Carving?

Hand carving is a method of sculpting wood using handheld tools such as chisels, gouges, and knives. This technique allows me to create intricate designs and patterns by removing layers of wood to reveal the desired shape. 

Creating Unique Wall Art

By combining traditional hand carving techniques with modern design elements, this sculpture offers a fresh and contemporary take on a classic art form. 

The bright colors, concentric lines, and organic shapes, captures the essence of water in a dynamic way. It is sure to make a lasting impression in any room. 

I guess as a Seattle artist, my love for the water is so big that its inspiring effects have seeped into all of my art. There is something special about this one, though. It was created by my hands, but also through guided divinity.